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                         A Wealth of Resources for Music Therapists by Music Therapists


Musictherapists.org offers a searchable database of board-certified music therapists and multiple resources for your practice.  Created for music therapists by music therapists, we have built a site with specific tools useful to the field of music therapy.  Our goal is to promote music therapy as a well-established profession and to provide support for practicing music therapists.  We do this by providing:

  1.      A directory and marketing


  1.       A forum for you to enhance

         your music therapy practice

         through networking and   

         shared intervention ideas

         and materials

  1.      Information about local music    

        therapy events and continuing

        education opportunities.

  1.      Discounted Web Hosting for members.

  1.      And so much more!!

Enhance Your Practice

An Overiew of Our Site:


   Continuing Education   

   Information about 
     Events to Promote
      Music Therapy

   Marketing Resources 

   Job Center

   Intervention Ideas & Videos

   Literature Research

   Conferences and Networking 

   Music Therapy Links of 

   Free Monthly Newsletter

   Free Publicity if you become 
     Our Music Therapist of the 

   Free Forum to discuss common topics 
      In the practice of music therapy 

Contact us!

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